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Hide a key

 There are many situations where having an extra key for the home provides an advantage to the occupant. Placing an extra key in a secure location, like on the exterior of the home, is both convenient and logical. This is especially true if hired professionals have been asked to perform a service, while the homeowner is away from the house. "Hide a key" lock boxes attach directly to the front door or door frame of a home or business and use a combination that the user creates. There are a variety of styles to choose from, so the lock boxes offer functionality as well as various colors and sizes.

The “Hide a key” lock boxes are the ideal solution for cleaners, service calls, or even real estate agents. The best part is that the combination can be changes at any time and an indefinite amount of times. A button is simply pressed that clears out the combination and instructions inside the box explain how to program in a new code. The lock boxes also make sense for someone who has a seasonal residence, so that the people who are taking care of the home can gain the necessary access.
Hide a key
Having a spare key, just in case something happens also has appeal to the extremely busy or absent minded individual. The “Hide a key” lock boxes offer a one year warranty against any type of manufacturing defects or shortcomings. This doesn’t cover situations where the consumer gets a refund because they have forgotten the combination. In addition to the warranty, these lock boxes are virtually impervious to the weather and resist rain, snow, sleet, ice, and heat. For the price of a “Hide a key” lock box, the customer receives piece of mind and a reliable product that is backed by a solid warranty.

A spare key can make a world of difference if someone gets locked out, but this is an unrealistic desire if the keys location is not secure. “Hide a key” lock boxes provide a good value, solid build quality, security, and a very practical investment for a relatively low cost.
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