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Did you know that home values in Portland rank higher than the Oregon state average?  Or that in a survey of quality of living that took into consideration things like personal freedom, crime, sanitation, environment, recreation, education and public services, our city ranked 42nd worldwide!

Of course, this means that Portland's residents have a lot to protect and care for – our loved ones, ourselves and our property.  And that's where Usafe Locksmith, a full-service local security company comes in.

Always keep Usafe's telephone number on hand, in case of an unexpected, unpleasant emergency – like being locked out of your car or office on a rainy night.  We will send you one of our experienced technicians – 24/7 – in a clearly marked vehicle and carrying identification, to help you get back inside quickly.

Usafe can help you prevent other emergencies – like break-ins and theft. Call us to arrange for a visit by one of our bonded, licensed and insured professionals, who will come to your home or workplace for a thorough assessment of your unique safety needs. They may recommend a security system that includes the installation of a vault, high security locks, iron gates, an alarm system or closed circuit television – all of which Usafe will provide, and all at competitive prices.

Our Usafe team is proud of the company we have built. We will take care of all of your security needs, giving you the peace of mind to work, enjoy a cuppa or a brew, bike through the park and just enjoy life in one of the greenest and most beautiful cities in the U.S.!

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