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Seattle's residents have a lot to be proud of.  The city has been ranked the most literate and most educated of America's cities, as well as the fittest. Its real estate is among the most expensive in the country. Seattlites, who work hard and play hard, deserve to do so with peace of mind – secure in the knowledge that they've done the best to protect their families, themselves and their property.

Under "Public Safety" at, the Seattle Police Department offers many tips to protect your car from theft. Some are just plain common sense, but others – like anti-theft devices, motion detectors, car alarms and electronic disabling devices – call for the services of Usafe Locksmith, which provides Seattle with expert, comprehensive safety services, at affordable prices.

The police warn us that auto thefts are often crimes of opportunity. The damage incurred can be great. The same, of course, is true of a break-in at your home or workplace. Protecting your property with a comprehensive system covering your unique security needs will encourage thieves to look for easier pickings. Our bonded, licensed and insured Usafe professionals can recommend solutions as simple as mailbox and cabinets locks to state-of-the-art alarm systems and closed circuit television. Whatever the solution – Usafe can supply it.

In case of the unexpected, always have our telephone number at hand. On a rainy night, you may find yourself locked out of your car or home. It's good to know that Usafe provides emergency lockout services 24/7. One call to us will send a skilled technician to you fast – to help you get back on track.

So work and play with peace of mind, enjoying everything Seattle has to offer, knowing you and Usafe are keeping your loved ones, you and your property secure.

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