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What Is A Lock, And What Is It Good For?

Everyone has heard of a lock, and we would be fairly confident that 99.9% of people who are reading this article will currently be employing the idle services of a lock somewhere in the vicinity of where they are.

However, whilst it is easy to say that we have locks in our home, it may not be as simple to define exactly what lockers. That is what we will attempt to do in the rest of this article.

Definition of a lock.

As you can imagine, are lock is a device which is used to fasten something and hence secure at from opening. Locks can be planted on doors, vehicles, gates, boxes, and almost anything which opens and closes.

In order to access a lock and ensure that it opens for the person who has rightful ownership to it, a secondary device is required. This is commonly referred to as a key - and it is in many cases a physical device which fits perfectly into the lock in order to release it.

As one would gather from logical thinking, anyone who did not have the physical key would not be able to open the lock - and hence, they would not be able to access anything that the lock was protecting.

Whilst this may not have been the most insightful article, it has allowed us to define the meaning of lock in a formal manner.
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