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Keep Your Vehicle Safe from Theft with USafe and Transponder Keys

USafe Locksmith can get you out of difficult and dangerous situations such as a bad neighborhood or inclement weather when you are locked out of your car, home or office. Our employees will always arrive in a marked vehicle and will have identification with them as well. Women are particularly vulnerable in situations where someone may come along who isn't what he claims to be and should always check for ID when the locksmith arrives on the scene, especially at night.

A common perception is that locksmiths only get you into what you're locked out of. But there is much more to our capabilities – a good locksmith is also a security expert, able to recommend ways to ensure that your vehicle, home or office remain safe from intrusion. We install, fix and repair locks of any type, from biometrics to key cards, from regular metal keys to transponders that help protect your vehicle from theft.

A transponder is a key with a programmable microchip in it that allows communication between your car and the key using electronic/control units (ECU). The transponder key sends a signal to the vehicle to verify the serial number. If the serial number isn't within the parameters for your vehicle, the car will not unlock or start. This serial number communication between your car and transponder key allows the key to be programmed specifically for your car, which drastically reduces the chances that a thief will be able to steal your vehicle. Only the person with the key will be able to open the vehicle and start the car. When purchasing a vehicle that comes with a transponder key, it is a good idea to make sure you have two keys, in case one gets lost. Our trained and licensed lock professionals are able to cut and program new transponder keys on site and get you into your vehicle and on your way.

We have developed a unique emergency response system that relies on skilled employees, an immediate response time and technical proficiency that helps you out of a stressful and potentially dangerous solution. We service all makes and models of cars, trucks, SUVs and vans in a professional and cost effective way.
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