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The city of Auburn has been described as "the perfect place to work, play and spend a lifetime"! There's lots of good life on offer – parks, golf courses, a magnificent racetrack – and a warm community, where people still stop to say hello.

People in Auburn also feel safe here. Burglary and vehicle theft statistics are down. The police recommend proactive steps to make you, your loved ones and your valuable property less attractive to criminals.

First, use common sense! Keep the doors locked whenever possible, in your home, workplace or car. Don't leave valuables lying around on your car seat. Don't give prowlers good places to hide – illuminate your house's exterior at night, and trim shrubbery under ground floor windows. Get a dog.

Second, use common sense – and call Usafe Locksmiths! Arrange for a visit by one of our experts, who will design a comprehensive security solution to meet your unique needs. We may recommend things as simple as cabinet locks and peepholes, or more complex, hi-tech systems, such as intercoms, alarms and closed circuit television.

Whatever we recommend, Usafe, a full-service security company, provides only the finest products and services, at competitive prices. Our certified master locksmiths are bonded, licensed and insured.

Usafe recommends that you keep our telephone number with you at all times, in the event of an emergency lockout. We hope you don't, of course, but should you find yourself locked out of your home, business or car, you can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round. Usafe will quickly dispatch one of our locksmiths to your location in a clearly marked vehicle. Please don't hesitate to ask to see identification, which all of them carry. We will get you safely back inside – fast!

Call us, and find out how Usafe Locksmith can give you the peace of mind to enjoy the life Auburn's motto promises – "More than you imagined"!

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