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The Edmonds Police Department has made many good recommendations for keeping your loved ones and valuable property safe. Crooks, of course, don't want to be seen committing crimes, so, around your house, keep bushes trimmed below ground level windows, and trees pruned above eye level. Use outside lighting at night around your property.

When driving, keep all doors locked, and windows rolled up whenever possible. Always park in well-lit areas, and always take your keys and valuables with you when you leave the car!

Edmonds' police also recommend installing alarms and other anti-theft devices – in your home, business and car – and that's where Usafe Locksmith can help.

Call us today to arrange for a visit by one of our experienced professionals, who will assess your specific home, business and automotive safety requirements. Usafe will design a comprehensive solution, using the highest quality products and services, at competitive prices. From mailbox locks to iron gates, from hi-tech alarm and intercom systems to state-of-the-art closed circuit television, Usafe – a full-service security company – has it all!

For unpleasant emergencies, always keep our telephone number with you. We hope you never find yourself locked out of your home, workplace or car, but, if you do, its reassuring to know that you can call Usafe 24/7 year round. We will dispatch one of our certified master locksmiths to your location, to get you safely back inside fast! For your peace of mind, our representatives arrive in clearly marked vehicles – and don't hesitate to ask to see further identification.

Join your neighbors in Edmonds who are already Usafe's satisfied customers, and keep your loved ones, yourself and your property secure and protected!

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