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The Lynnwood area was originally developed and sold as one acre lots designed for raising chickens. Even today, some of the original 80 year old homes that were chicken ranches are still to be found in our city.

A lot has changed since then, and Lynnwood is worth a lot more than chicken feed now. Of course, you want to keep your loved ones and your valuable property safe. Our Police Department reports that burglary and vehicle theft statistics have all gone done in Lynnwood. To keep them down, we have to take some proactive security measures.

Some involve no more than exercising common sense, like locking windows and doors whenever possible, taking all valuables with you when you leave your car and parking in well-lit areas.

Using common sense also means knowing when to call in an expert – like Usafe Locksmith. Let us arrange a visit by one of our security professionals, who know what makes houses, business and cars "attractive" to criminals. We will create a comprehensive package to address your specific safety needs, and send prowlers looking for easier pickings. A full-service company, Usafe provides only the finest products, at reasonable prices, from file cabinet locks and peepholes, iron bars and vaults, to intercom and alarm systems and state-of-the-art closed circuit television.

Usafe is always on hand if you find yourself stranded, locked out of your home, workplace or car. Always keep our telephone number with you – one call from you, 24/7 year round, will dispatch one of our lockout specialists to your location, in a clearly marked vehicle. Feel free to ask for further identification. Our licensed, bonded and insured locksmith will get you safely back inside – and fast!

Usafe Locksmith is committed to keeping Lynwood's crime figures low, by increasing the security of your loved ones, you and your property!

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