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Redmond's Police Department warns that the number one property crime in Redmond is "vehicle prowling". (Vehicle prowling is illegally entering a vehicle with the intent to remove items or destroy property.) Prime locations for prowlers are places like large parking lots. The good news is that the police say that most prowls can be prevented by using simple crime prevention tips, like locking your car, removing all valuables from it when you leave, parking in well-lit areas and getting an alarm system.

Except for removing all valuables, the same tips apply to deterring prowlers near your house. Keep doors and windows locked, illuminate the area around the house at night and get an alarm system. And you can find the best alarm systems and other security solutions at Usafe Locksmith!

Call us today to arrange for a visit by one of our safety experts, who will assess your residential, commercial and automotive security needs, and develop a comprehensive package to provide them. No matter how simple or complex your requirements are, from mailbox locks and peepholes, to iron gates and vaults, intercom and alarm systems, and even closed circuit television, Usafe uses only the finest products and services, at competitive prices.

A full-service security company, we are on call 24/7 year round, to answer your emergency calls. Always keep Usafe's number with you, in the event you find yourself locked out of your home, workplace or car. Call us anytime, and we will dispatch one of our lockout specialists to your location, to get you safely back inside – fast! All of our locksmiths are licensed, bonded and insured. For your peace of mind, they will arrive in clearly marked vehicles, and will be happy to present identification.

Redmond's police warns that if you don’t take care of your vehicle, somebody else will. Let Usafe Locksmith help you take care of your loved ones, yourself and your property today!

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