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When Gresham wanted to establish itself as a city, it could not do so without a post office and postal code – which it didn't have. Luckily, a generous local storeowner volunteered the use of his store as a post office, and so our city was born!

More than a century later, Gresham has grown, and our citizens have a great deal more to protect. And that's where Usafe Locksmith can help.

Call Usafe today to arrange a visit by one of our experienced professional locksmiths, who will pinpoint your unique residential, commercial and automotive safety requirements. We will design a comprehensive security package that will cover all your security needs, using the finest products and services at reasonable prices. Usafe Locksmith, a full-service security company, will provide you with whatever is necessary to protect your loved ones, yourself and your valuable property – from locks and peepholes, to iron gates and panic bars, to hi-tech intercom systems and closed circuit television.

Usafe is always in your corner. Keep our telephone with you at all times, in case of unpleasant emergencies. Should you find yourself locked out of your house, business or car, call Usafe 24/7, year round. We will immediately dispatch one of our licensed, bonded and insured locksmiths to your location in a clearly marked vehicle. Our lockout specialists stand ready to get you safely and quickly back inside.

Let Usafe give you the peace of mind that only knowledgeable, experienced locksmiths can!

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