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A lost key or a broken window is all too-familiar disturbances. They often mean passing hours on end waiting for rescue services to arrive, while being stranded at all weather amidst hostile surroundings is also a likely scenario. Women, senior citizens and the disabled are particularly vulnerable in these situations. We therefore modeled our unique emergency system to accommodate these predicaments in the best possible manner. USafe Locksmith automotive services make uncomfortable, costly, timely and risky waiting periods a thing of the past. Our end-to-end automotive package is based on immediate response, high caliber solutions and skilled employees, ready to save you time and trouble.
If you've lost your keys or locked your keys in your car, you can call us anytime, day or night - we'll arrive in a marked vehicle and carry identification. We'll open your car for you - even if it has electronic opening using a transponder key - and cut you a new set of keys on site.
Our highly trained, licensed auto locksmiths also offer a wide range of services for car, truck, SUV and van owners, including:
Car key cutting
Transponder key programming
Unlocking any vehicle door
Commercial van and truck locks and lock plate installation
Duplicate sets, master keys and transponder sets
When it comes to choosing a reliable, professional auto locksmith, look no further. Contact us today for our 24-hour hotline.

Car Locksmith - An Unsung Hero

The majority of vehicle owners never stop to think about all of the possible situations that may require the immediate assistance of a car locksmith until they are facing a specific need.

What to do if you lock your keys in your car

As careful as people try to be, one small distraction can cause them to lock their keys in their cars.

Keep Your Vehicle Safe from Theft with USafe and Transponder Keys

A transponder is a key with a programmable microchip in it that allows communication between your car and the key using electronic/control units (ECU).
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