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San Francisco locksmith services

Lock and key repair are Usafe locksmith specialties no matter what type of system is used. High tech security vehicle systems, dead bolt lock installation

Crime In San Francisco

If you live in or near San Francisco, remember that crime effects people here just as it does people anywhere in the country. Rather than live in fear, though, be proactive; invest in solid home secur

Hide a key

There are many situations where having an extra key for the home provides an advantage to the occupant. Placing an extra key in a secure location, like on the exterior of the home, is both convenient

Consulting a Locksmith About Home Security

With today’s fast fix lifestyle, many homeowners do not do much to consider their home security past installing an alarm system that notifies authorities when and if the home is broken into. People se

General Tips On Keeping Your Home Safe Against Burglary?

By taking simple steps, you can make your home more difficult for burglars and less attractive for trespassers, which will allow you more peace of mind when you're away from home and more security whi

What Happens If You Loose Your Keys?

There are almost an unlimited number of combinations when it comes to the traditional door locks these days.

Security Camera Installation On Your Property:

Security cameras are an excellent way to keep a watch over your property when you are not there.

Buzzz – Someone’s At The Door

Knock knock – who’s there. Annoying isn’t it. Loud cracks on the door to announce that your visitors have arrived – how inconsiderate.
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