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Gilbert Locksmith, Locksmith in Gilbert

People are flocking to Gilbert. Its population has increased from 5,717 in 1980 to over 215,000 in 2009! It is known as a young, affluent community, with a highly desirable quality of life.

Gilbert is also rated as a low crime town – not because all its residents are angels, but because they are wise enough to take precautions to protect their valuable property. Usafe Locksmith is proud to be part of the Gilbert community, helping its citizens to stay safe.

According to the Gilbert Police Department, approximately 1 in 63 homes becomes the site of a residential burglary in Gilbert each year. The police department recommends that you take common sense precautions, like keeping your garage door closed and locked. Beyond these measures, one call to Usafe sends one of our skilled professionals your way, to check for weak security points at your home or workplace. Whatever is necessary to fulfill your unique safety needs, Usafe has it – from locks and peepholes to state-of-the-art closed circuit television and alarm systems.

Using common sense is also important in protecting your car from theft – a prevalent crime in Arizona. Here, too, Usafe can help you send a potential thief looking for easier pickings, by equipping your car with additional locks and sophisticated alarms and immobilizing devices.

Even after taking all these measures, an emergency can happen. You may find yourself locked out of your home, or business or car – and usually at the worst possible moment! It's good to know that you can call on Usafe 24/7 year round – holidays included! We will send one of our licensed, bonded technicians to you, in a clearly marked vehicle. Please don't hesitate to ask them to show you their identification. They will get you safely back inside – and fast!

Keep Usafe's phone number with you at all times – and call us for all your security needs!

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