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Commercial Locksmith Services

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Commercial Locksmith Services

The difference between residential and commercial properties can seem minor. Yet it is precisely this misconception that results in thousands of business break-ins and trespassing incidents each year. USafe Locksmith knows the value of a comprehensive, commercially-oriented security system and how to deliver it. Our commercial package offers locking devices, systems and solutions specifically designed to meet the security needs of every San Francisco and Los Angeles business, regardless of size, location, or any special feature it might require.
Our licensed, professional master locksmiths are highly trained in the unique needs of retail businesses, offices and commercial enterprises of all kinds, including: 

  • Exit devices - to prevent unwanted entry while providing emergency escape exists throughout your business. Designated exist only doors make for a must-have when it comes to security and fire safety.
  • Door closers - to ensure no entryway gets left open and exposed. This is a simple yet vital step in ensuring security for your business.
  • Lock change / Lock repair - just like any home, your business, be it an office space or a storefront, can have lock problems. Our local locksmiths provide emergency lockout and lock repair/replacement services to commercial properties of all types.
  • Lock installation - update old security measures or install locks in areas and on doors where none existed before.
  • Lock rekey / Master rekey - lost old office keys or want to change them up without replacing the lock? USafe commercial locksmiths can do that. Our lock rekeying applies to regular devices as well as master key system rekeying.
  • Safe & Vaults / Opening / Repair and Installation - various types of office safes and business vaults can require a wide and diverse range of skills to service. Good thing our LA and San Francisco locksmiths for businesses have all those in spades.
  • High security locks - perfect for more sensitive storage rooms, cabinets, and other areas and items. A high security lock will withstand tempering possess resistance to manipulation.
  • Access control systems - place password-protected access panels throughout your business. No one without the necessary level of clearance will enter. You can choose password, retinal, or fingerprint access control systems. Whichever offers the best for your needs.
  • Alarm system repair - it’s crucial your alarm system works flawlessly, so when you encounter a problem, fast repairs are in order. That’s another service avenue you can turn to our LA & SF business locksmiths for immediate assistance.
  • Alarm system installation - add a higher level of security and alert by getting a new alert system installed. You’ll know right away when the wrong person breaches any area you designated.
  • Closed Circuit Television - monitor your shop, office, or other business as the “eye-in-the-sky" or in corners and hidden spots. Closed circuit TV systems ensure nobody can disable your security cameras from the outside.
  • File cabinet locks - keep your data and employee information in a safe drawer that no one can access without the proper key or password.
  • Intercom system installation - one of the most common and most useful security measures. Communicating with outsiders via an intercom will provide an incredibly high level of security and safety.
  • Intercom system repair - naturally, intercom systems can use repairs from time to time, just like any electrical device. Our local commercial locksmiths can provide this service at a low and affordable cost.
  • Panic Bars Installed - this security measure, also known as a crash bar, lets you quickly and easily exist through security doors in times of emergency. They’re a vital addition for fire safety and other security needs. 
  • Peephole Installation - simply peer through and see who’s waiting on the other side. A peephole serves as a simple but highly effective security measure for all types of businesses.

Commercial Locksmiths Near You

The LA & SF USafe team does more than add security to your buildings. We also fit commercial vehicles with lock plates and have a special emergency line for 24/7 commercial vehicle emergencies. If you're interested in the safety and security of your West Coast business, please do not hesitate to contact us for an appraisal of your company's security levels. We can make recommendations and work with you or your security team to ensure that your hard work stays protected. We're happy to give bid estimates on contract jobs as well. Call us anytime for emergency locksmith services and free quotes on all of the aforementioned security enhancements. 

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