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Aurora's Police Department encourages us to take an active role in protecting our families, ourselves and our property. It makes some common sense recommendations, like keeping doors and windows locked, using lighting to prevent nighttime crime, checking the front and rear seats before getting into our cars – and locking the doors once we are inside.  To avoid getting stranded, the police recommend keeping your car maintained and its gas tank filled.

Aurora Locksmith

We, at Usafe Locksmith in Aurora, have a further recommendation – always keep our telephone number handy! While you might not be stranded in your car, you may find yourself locked out – of your car, your home or your Aurora business! One call to Usafe – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round, will dispatch one of our bonded, licensed and insured locksmiths to your location, in a clearly marked vehicle. Feel free to ask for identification. We will get you safely back inside – fast!

Usafe does not only deal with lockouts. We offer the most comprehensive solutions to all your security needs, using the finest products, and at competitive prices. Call us to set up a visit with one of our experienced professionals, at your home or business. We will tailor a security package to your specific safety needs. Solutions can range from peepholes, safes, lock changes and panic bars, to state-of-the-art alarm systems and closed circuit television.

Always act sensibly to keep safe. And calling on Usafe Locksmith's knowledge and experience is the most sensible thing you can do!

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