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Hillsboro's population has skyrocketed – from 402 in 1880, to 2,016 in 1910, to 15,000 in 1970, to 89,000 in 2008! Fortunately, the crime rate in our city has not grown in proportion. Hillsboro rated lower than the national and state for property crimes, which include car theft and burglary.

Apparently, Hillsboro's citizens are doing something right to prevent crime. Often, this involves exercising good sense, like keeping greenery around your home trimmed, so burglars don't have a place to hide. And not leaving your house door open when carrying packages between your house and car. And making sure your house looks lived in when you're away on vacation. And not leaving valuables in plain sight in your car.

Good sense is also picking up the phone today and calling Usafe Locksmith, a full-service security company that can supply you with the protection only professionals can give. Arrange for a visit by one of our licensed, bonded and insured experts, who will assess your unique residential, commercial and automotive safety requirements, and design a comprehensive package to cover them. No matter what is necessary, from cabinet locks to iron bars, from peepholes to vaults, from intercom systems to closed circuit television, Usafe will provide you with only the finest products and services, at competitive prices.

Its good to know that Usafe Locksmith is available year round, 24/7, to help you when unpleasant emergencies arise. Keep our telephone number with you at all times. Should you find yourself locked out of your home, workplace or car, one call to us will send one of our lockout specialists to your location, in a clearly marked vehicle, to get you safely and quickly back inside. For your protection, all Usafe locksmiths carry identification, which they will be happy to show you.

Let's keep working together to keep Hillsboro's crime rate way, way down!

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